What’s the deal with True Writ?

Liam Mooney - October 9, 2015

We’ll be honest with you, partner.

You may look at the True Writ project and say we’ve spent a little too much of our time on a satirical short film. You may say we’ve gone a little overboard. You may wonder, “How could this possibly be a worthwhile use of a company’s time, resources and talent?”


You may be right. Except that this is more than a satirical short film.

What to the untrained eye might look like a bunch of young, Centretown hipsters dressed in vintage garb (typical hipsters) down in a bar (also typical) speaking in a bunch of goofy accents about God knows what, actually carries a deeper socio-political meaning.

It’s a group of millennials defying stereotypes – going against the grain (who was it who said young people don’t give a damn about politics and public affairs?), while weaving some very important messages into a piece of art.

Engaging in democracy MATTERS. By voting on October 19, we have the power to reverse government injustice and shift our present political climate in this country. By working together, exchanging ideas and voicing our concerns in an interactive way (obviously not in gun fights – but you probably knew that was just for fun) as democratic citizens, Canadians (or in this case, Westerners) have the power to do some really awesome and radical things together.

The incumbent Conservative government led by one Stephen Harper (AKA. the “Guv-nuh” in this context, if you hadn’t put that together already) has pissed a lot of people off in the last decade for a number of different reasons: his failure on the environment, on women, on the economy, on protecting jobs and in protecting the lives and welfare of some of our nations’ most vulnerable. Though comedic, the True Writ narrative speaks to these issues, and clearly demonstrates the outrage on the part of the electorate.

Perhaps most important of all, this participatory video project has been meticulously packaged and delivered – with wit, drama and a serious, moral undertone that packs a mean punch (if we do say so ourselves).

So if you haven’t done so already, pour yourself some moonshine, pull up your cowboy boots, and drink in some True Writ.
As sure as any Wild West rancher slings guns and throws back whiskey, you are destined to laugh your ass off. And maybe even learn something. We promise.