Shopify and Breitbart: When Business, Politics, and Branding Collide.

Liam Mooney - February 10, 2017

Brands with clear values do better in turbulence.

What should founders and executives do when their brand hits turbulence? How does a leadership team ensure that their own personal convictions and their brand’s values remain separate? Do brands like Shopify, the new intermediaries of global digital economy, with unique, singular power, have additional moral and ethical responsibility because of that power? What responsibility does a brand have to its consumers or employees?

Today and yesterday I was on CBC TV / CBC Radio to unpack these questions, and discuss Shopify’s decision to provide service to the controversial, alt-right, news company, Breitbart. On Wednesday this week, Shopify’s CEO, Tobias Lütke wrote a letter titled “In support of free speech.” In the letter outlined why Shopify supports hosting Breitbart’s on their platform.

Listen to my conversation with CBC Radio here. The questions weren’t easy and the conversation continues. Would love to hear your thoughts. LM