Personal Neuro Devices

A breakthrough in concussion symptom treatment and brain recovery tracking.

web mockup


Provide an online presence for an exciting new technology.

The Ottawa-based technology firm needed help articulating a brand and vision that matched the innovative and inspiring nature of the Spark brain monitoring headset, its breakthrough product for brain injury and concussion treatment.


New website, new creative strategy.

Our approach to the website design led to a new shift in creative strategy for Personal Neuro Devices. Rather than focus on attracting investors, we shifted the focus of their visionary new technology to the audience that needs it the most: athletes, coaches, trainers and concerned parents. Investors don’t need to see a product, they need to see an audience. Our approach allows Personal Neuro Devices to target investors and future customers simultaneously.

Pre-orders for the Spark headset began to roll in daily once the new website went up.

web mockup
web mockup


Project: Personal Neuro Devices Website, Creative Strategy

Year: 2016

Client: Personal Neuro Devices

Deliverable: Website, Strategy, and Photography

Creative Counsel: Orient Personal Neuro Device's communications to parents, coaches, athletes and sport associations.

Website: personalneuro.com

A new creative strategy was key to getting Personal Neuro Devices the attention of its target audience. Photography became the key to this new creative strategy. Our in-house photographer brought a human approach to the product, allowing us to show the personal side of this breakthrough technology.