Patrimoine canadien – Canadian Heritage

In an effort to enhance the experience for tourists and visitors across Heritage sites in the National Capital Region, Jackpine explored and researched 12 new, innovative digital technologies.

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Find technology to enhance Heritage sites.

Canadian Heritage (PCH), the federal department responsible for Canada’s major cultural institutions, sought in-depth research relating to new and innovative technologies for visitors to use at National Capital Commission (NCC) sites across the Ottawa area.

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Innovation through research.

To enhance the experience of all Heritage Canada site visitors within the National Capital Region, Jackpine completed a thorough and exhaustive scan of current research and literature surrounding the use of digital products used to deliver rich, narrative information in an outdoor setting. Our team drew from a wide range of applications, contexts, and technologies to find the solutions Heritage Canada needed, all delivered in an in-depth and highly visual final report.

Our report prepared Heritage Canada to understand and better utilize the technological landscape of 2015 to enhance their sites.


Projects: Digital Products Environmental Scan and Analysis Report

Year: 2015

Deliverable: Research and Analysis, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interactive Report Document

Creative Counsel: Enhance and maximize interactivity in heritage sites by finding new, innovative technologies.

To understand the current technologies Heritage Canada uses at their NCC sites, Jackpine conducted an in-depth evaluation of QR codes: their viability, public perception, possible applications, and feasibility. After researching and reviewing 12 more digital technologies, our team presented all of our findings through a comprehensive and illustrative report, complete with Creative Counsel solutions and recommendations that adhered to all of PCH’s requirements.

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