Engineers Canada

With a multimedia interactive installation on Parliament Hill, we put a new face on Canadian engineering.

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Promoting engineers while avoiding stereotypes.

When most people think of an engineer a particular image comes up. In promoting the engineering profession on behalf of Engineers Canada, we took particular care to present engineering as a diverse field that has a major impact on Canadians’ everyday life.

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Engineering everyday life.

The engineering profession affects just about every aspect of our lives. It is not just skyscrapers and bridges, though it is that too. We’ve done a lot of different projects for Engineers Canada. We’ve designed magazine ads, holiday cards, and websites, as well as prepared an installation for an event on Parliament Hill. Throughout all of our work we’ve demonstrated engineering’s importance to the fabric of our lives and our Canadian identity. We’ve countered stereotypical views of the engineer to showcase the profession and how it helps Canadians every day.

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Through our multimedia interactive installation we brought the faces of Engineers Canada to Canadians on Parliament Hill.

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Projects: The Faces of Engineering Installation, Canada Needs Engineers Magazine Ad, Vote P.Eng Website

Year: 2014-2015

Deliverable: Installation, Graphic design, Website, Illustration, Photography

Creative Counsel: Interactive day on the Hill.

Web page: Election2015

When Engineers Canada prepared for its event on Parliament Hill Jackpine was asked to equip them with promotional materials. We ended up advising Engineers Canada to make their event more engaging by making it interactive. The Faces of Engineering installation featured profiles of three engineers at different stages of their careers. Participants wore a set of headphones and listened in English or French to the engineers speak about their profession, their motivations, and the role engineering plays in Canadian society.