Cahdco creates the building blocks of our community. Through a new brand and website we increased awareness of this essential community builder.

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Position Cahdco as a leader of affordable housing in Ottawa.

Cahdco is an Ottawa-based non-profit affordable housing development corporation. For over 20 years it has operated within its parent organization, the Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation. Jackpine was asked to create a brand and a website to bring more visibility to Cahdco’s role as an affordable housing development corporation, while maintaining visual consistency with the CCOC.


Highlight Cahdco as a builder of community in Ottawa.

Jackpine created a new brand for the organization based on the concept of building blocks, highlighting the affordable housing developer as a pillar of community in Ottawa. We helped Cahdco develop a narrative that would allow them to tell their story more effectively. The highly visual website brings Cahdco’s accomplishments to the forefront and allows for effortless modifications when new work is complete.

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We gave Cahdco a platform to share their vision and values.

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Projects: Cahdco Logo and Brand, Easy to Modify Website

Year: 2014-2015

Deliverable: Brand, Logo, Website, Animated Scalable Vector Graphics

Creative Counsel: Affordable housing provides the building blocks for community.

Website: cahdco.org

The Jackpine team led this project by creating a new brand for the organization. We helped Cahdco to position the visual framework of their parent organization, the Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation, to allow both brands to work both independently and in conjunction with one another. We designed and developed a website featuring the new logo and a colour scheme that provided continuity between Cahdco and its parent corporation, as well as original animated scalable vector graphics.

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