Bar Robo

In 2.5 months we helped conceptualize, brand and design a new cultural venue, artist hub, cafe and late-night bar with great food.

web mockup
web mockup


Adding something new to Ottawa's urban fabric with a fresh, unique, and culturally driven space and brand.

An unnamed coffee shop, bar and much needed music venue was set to open in our neighbourhood. We were excited for the arrival of our soon to be neighbours, and a chance encounter with the owner one day gave us the opportunity to get involved in helping to create and promote a new space for the Ottawa music scene.

web mockup
web mockup


Building a brand with Ottawa’s musicians, visual artists, community organizers and cultural leaders in mind.

We brought in prominent members of the Ottawa music community to have a hand in event programming. We created a name and a logo that is fun, inviting and will make for a great neon sign. The website features an adaptable background screen that changes colour over the course of the day, highlighting the changing nature of Bar Robo, from cafe to music venue to cocktail bar. The Facebook API auto-generated events loading system brings in event information from Facebook and automatically updates the page. Our Creative Counsel led to some prominent interior design decisions, including a reclaimed neighbourhood store sign that has become an instantly iconic feature of the stage.


Projects: Cafe/Bar Concept & Design

Year: 2016

Deliverable: Name, logo, brand, website, interior design consulting, entertainment programming

Creative Counsel: Subvert the notion that Ottawa is a boring, robotic city, make deep connections with the Ottawa arts and culture community.

Website: barrobo.ca

The Jackpine team is deeply involved in Ottawa arts and culture. We helped this emerging venue recruit artists, bartenders, chefs, promoters and music journalists for its team. This has put Bar Robo on the radar of most bands and foodies in the city. Before opening, Bar Robo had Ottawa musicians knocking at the door to book their first shows.