Percy Station

After a handful of Ottawa’s venues closed last year there was an undeniable gap in our arts and culture community. A lot of people in our community stepped up to this challenge. When the City of Ottawa launched the Streetside Spot pilot program we saw an opportunity to contribute our own skills to this cause by creating a cultural hub in our neighborhood.

Percy Station is the result of this opportunity and a collaboration between Jackpine Labs and Atelier Ruderal. Creating Percy Station saw us participate in every step of the process from simple sketches during cold January nights to pushing the parklet into place on a sweltering June morning. For more information check out the Percy Station website.


  • Date: June 25th - Oct. 31st, 2016
  • Event: City of Ottawa Streetside Spot Pilot Program
  • Service: Community Parklet
  • Website: percystation.com
  • Radio Interview: CBC.ca