Jackpine <3 Mugshots

Liam Mooney - July 10, 2015

Ottawa is a place that holds some really cool venues to showcase its burgeoning arts and culture scene. Mugshots (“Ottawa’s Only Jail Bar”) is one of these special places.


One of the oldest and most unique spaces in Ottawa, Mugshots’ specialness is twofold: its indoors offers a museum-like historical quality while the outdoor space allows for dance parties both under the stars and beside authentic gallows. Today, we are sad to hear that Mugshots has closed indefinitely.

Here in the studio we have several memories of Mugshots that stand out.

“My favourite moment at Mugshots was dancing around the courtyard in the summer to LCD Soundsystem and seeing bands you’d never see anywhere else.” – Liam Mooney

“Dancing into the night to some solid ’90s RnB bangers with friends is probably my fondest memory.” – Connor MacFadyen

“I remember sitting down to paint my friend’s face at an event and then everyone sort of assumed I was in charge. I ended up painting about 5 Jungle-themed faces. I also loved dancing to LCD Soundsystem, but Liam stole that comment.” – Emma Cochrane

“Eating tacos, drinking beer and tequila outside in the sun, it was an atmosphere you couldn’t find anywhere else.” – Micah Rakoff-Bellman

I always remember the Haunted Walk of Ottawa walking through parties, which was hilarious and probably pretty alarming to those on the tour.” – Rose Ekins

Mugshots has contributed to the cultural scene of this city and Jackpine hopes that this does not spell the end for the venue.


UPDATE: Mugshots has released a statement that the bar is permanently closed to the public, due to noise level issues with those staying at the Hostel. This is unfortunate news and we will miss the bar, the people who worked there, and the various shows and events. We hope that the music and cultural scene represented at Mugshots will find a future home and continue to contribute to our city.

Take a look below at some of the moments from Mugshots collected by Jackpine: