Homepage Democracy

Liam Mooney - June 7, 2013

Recently we’ve been asking ourselves:

How could people truly interact with Jackpine beyond clicking and swiping? How could the user almost physically exist on our website?

We thought: why not give up complete control of our homepage and give it to the people using the power of video?


Sounds great. But how?

Users needed to be able to make a video and upload it to the web quickly and easily. So, naturally we chose vine.


Here’s how it works:

Make a vine, mention @JackpineCo in the caption, post it to twitter and your vine will appear on our homepage in almost real time

To pull off this project we had some challenges.

  1. We had to find an API for vine, because vine doesn’t have an official API yet (look for the official API in about a month’s time)
  2. We had to locate and test a bunch of people’s vine API hacks. (We ended up using an API created by @JSVine. His API works by searching the twitter API for all the results that come from the vine url).
  3. It was also tough to parse the results from the search to get the actual video url and not the embedded link – we fixed that by using some parsing code that we found around the web.

Initially this concept was going to be just our vines on the homepage. But we thought people should be able to interact with our website, so we opened it up to everybody.

We know there will be mixed results, but that’s ok. This is internet. This project will be a reflection or mirror of our audience.

Now that’s what we call internet democracy. Have fun. See you on www.jackpine.co.