Hair Flare

Laura Bouchard - May 29, 2013

In celebration of the new Star Trek movie being everything I wanted it to be and more, I thought it would be nice to highlight one of Star Trek’s greatest achievements: SWEET HAIR!


Perhaps the most underrated element of the franchise, Star Trek hair. In fact, in my humble opinion, the quality of hair design in Star Trek directly correlates to the overall quality of the series:


This post will focus exclusively on The Next Generation, since it is the most superior form of all the Star Treks.

What makes Star Trek hair so fabulous you ask?


1. Futuristic 1940s hair

While TNG incorporates hairstyles from across all of history, the 40s elements are by far the most dominant. And while it seems impossible to improve upon the 20th century’s greatest decade of hair, Star Trek does taking classic styles and making them sleeker and cleaner (literally: people in the 40s used the collect and save their old hair, roll them into long cones, and pin these cones under their hair to add volumey bumps. These home-made hair accessories were aptly named “hair rats”).



2. Black women are allowed to keep their own hair


In case you had no idea, almost every black woman in showbiz these days is sporting extensions or weave (if you’re still lost, a weave is like a wig but sewn into your own hair). Of course, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with having a weave per se, other than the exorbitant cost. More distressing really, is the gaping absence of black women with their actual hair, as if this were somehow a forbidden practice.

So A+ Star Trek for highlighting the variety of hair options for black women!


3. Hair Design as Set

Most people overlook Star Trek’s hair genius because most of the main cast have relatively mundane consistent looks. The exception, of course, is Deanna Troi who by the end of the series had grown hair larger than her actual body. Captain Picard should also probably get a shout out as the first bald leading man (before shaved heads were cool, so a bold move).


Troi resting from weight of hair.

Most of Star Trek hair triumphs are really inconspicuous because extras and minor characters sport the most elaborate creations. Hair is rather cleverly used to enhance not just costume, but the entire atmospheric tone of every frame. It’s something of a rarity these days to see so many extras with meticulously constructed garb, intricate costume usually being the bread and butter for period dramas, not a full-season serial series.