Five Cute Things We Learned About Our New National Bird

Emma Cochrane - November 17, 2016

Last night the Royal Canadian Geographical Society officially recommended the gray jay as Canada’s National Bird, following almost two years of research and polling. Since we have a special interest in the way people, organizations and even countries brand themselves, we decided to do some research of our own to determine whether we agree with the selection.


Here are our top five favourite things we learned about our new (almost official?) National Bird:

  1. Pairs of gray jays are typically partners for life, unless one of the pair dies or disappears. <3
  2. The young ones fight for dominance to see who gets to stay with the family. This is not that cute except that the ones who lose get adopted by families who didn’t have kids that year.
  3. The “stayers” who stay with their parents help to fetch food for their younger siblings the next year.
  4. Their eating habits are referred to as “scatterhoarding”, which sounds great and also describes how we wish someone would store snacks around our studio – hidden across many locations.
  5. They are nicknamed Whiskey Jacka moniker that we may borrow for future reference to our workplace after hours. The name actually comes from the Cree Wisakedjak rather than a fondness for Crown Royal, which ultimately is much more in line with Canada’s brand character.

Bonus: Apparently they often live in forests with jack pine trees.

Go Jays Go