Destroying Grey Goo

Liam Mooney - June 24, 2013

The concept for Goosteroids is that of a “greygoo” themed remake of the classic game Asteroids. We developed it entirely from scratch using HTML5, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails. It runs on all HTML5 compliant browsers (and no this does not include IE), although it runs best on Google Chrome.

The process of making the game took over a month and a half and included the efforts of quite a few individuals: designers, a programmer, a composer, and a sound FX producer. The game is over 1800 lines of JavaScript, 260 lines of HTML, 300 lines of CSS, and 500 lines of Ruby, or almost 2900 lines of code altogether. It contains 17 images, 3 tracks of music, and 3 sound effects.

Putting something like this together is both an art and a science. The game features a custom physics engine with gravity, velocity damping, and collision detection. It uses the new canvas and audio playback features found in HTML 5 to display graphics, and play music and sound effects. The site features custom art by Jackpine, also music and sound effects contributed to the Creative Commons. But, in order to really understand it you have play it!

First person to 2000 points will get an invite to a Jackpine special event! Just email us your IP address once you break 2000 and we’ll hook you up.