Liam Mooney - May 8, 2013

As we move toward the cusp of a new digital age, Jackpine has set a new direction.

Our logomark has shed its branches, website revamped. We did it for a reason: the Jackpine brand needed to reflect our mission: destroy grey goo. Save the world from the massive stinkhole of mediocrity that is most of mainstream internet.

Templates, auto-this / auto-that, stock photos (and things like them) need to be vaporized. We’ll rid the world of these plagues one experience at a time. We’ll do it by creating things that people actually want to look at. By creating real value for our clients and the communities we live in.

You see we’re a digital agency, and to us the internet is a canvas. A place where we connect people to people and people to brands. We’re giving context to technology. In turn we’re creating experiences that eliminate the boring and mundane.

Join us. Let’s leave the old web behind. Let’s make an internet where users experience something. Something more than a website with a logo in the top left corner, photo carousels and uber literal logos.

We’re standing at the edge. We’re diving in.