Your brand is defined with or without you

Liam Mooney - March 13, 2018

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Simply put corporate identity is how a company wants to be seen and a brand is how they’re actually perceived. So to change a brand a corporation must be willing to actually, and literally change itself. To engage a true branding studio is to engage change agents who can work with you to identify those things that need to change and to put in place a plan to change them. Otherwise, you’re paying designers to solve visual problems that may or may not impact the way your brand is perceived in the mind of the other.

I constantly talk with our clients about how their brand is a shared intersubjective meaning and not something they can simply define with a logo, colour palette, and identity guidelines.


True branding forces introspection, reflection, and a possible change in behaviour. Corporations need to look very clearly at the actual state of nature that exists around their brand rather than a hyper insular inward look at their own corporate identity that they protect and believe.

Why? Because your brand will be defined by others with or without you. We suggest you join in.