Destroying Grey Goo

James McLean - Jun 24, 2013

The concept for Goosteroids is that of a “greygoo” themed remake of the classic game Asteroids. We developed it entirely from scratch using HTML5, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails. It runs on all HTML5 compliant browsers (and no this does not include IE), although it runs best on Google Chrome. The process of making the […]

Homepage Democracy

Kareem Lewis - Jun 7, 2013

Recently we’ve been asking ourselves: How could people truly interact with Jackpine beyond clicking and swiping? How could the user almost physically exist on our website? We thought: why not give up complete control of our homepage and give it to the people using the power of video?   Sounds great. But how? Users needed […]

Hair Flare

Laura Bouchard - May 29, 2013

In celebration of the new Star Trek movie being everything I wanted it to be and more, I thought it would be nice to highlight one of Star Trek’s greatest achievements: SWEET HAIR! Perhaps the most underrated element of the franchise, Star Trek hair. In fact, in my humble opinion, the quality of hair design […]


Liam Mooney - May 8, 2013

As we move toward the cusp of a new digital age, Jackpine has set a new direction. Our logomark has shed its branches, website revamped. We did it for a reason: the Jackpine brand needed to reflect our mission: destroy grey goo. Save the world from the massive stinkhole of mediocrity that is most of […]

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