Ming Wu’s Bluesfest Picks (Part Two)

Jul 14, 2015

Bluesfest is in full swing now, which means it’s time for the second half of my most anticipated acts! Monday offered you a day off so I hope you took the opportunity for some R&R before things pick back up tonight! Below my picks is a full schedule of when and where each highlighted band […]

Jackpine <3 Mugshots

Jul 10, 2015

Ottawa is a place that holds some really cool venues to showcase its burgeoning arts and culture scene. Mugshots (“Ottawa’s Only Jail Bar”) is one of these special places. One of the oldest and most unique spaces in Ottawa, Mugshots’ specialness is twofold: its indoors offers a museum-like historical quality while the outdoor space allows for dance […]

Ming Wu’s Bluesfest Picks (Part One)

Jul 7, 2015

July in Ottawa means it is time for Bluesfest! With various acts performing, here is a list of acts I’m most excited about and you should check out! Below my picks is a full schedule of when and where each hightlighted band will be playing. Day 1 (Fullflex Tour at the Bell Stage) On day one, […]

Things We Like: Black & White Photography of Frederick H. Evans

May 29, 2015

Things We Like is an ongoing series where we comment on the things that we like and our reasons for liking them. Luminous and True: The Photographs of Frederick H. EvansCurated by Ann Thomas at the National Gallery of Canada from May 29 – September 13, 2015 Portraits from the exhibition. A special exhibition focusing on the […]

Don’t Speak: Non-Verbal Communication in Branding

May 19, 2015

When it comes to branding, there are many elements to consider beyond overt verbal messaging. From colours to symbols to even smells, consumers absorb these non-verbal elements faster than text and as a result, companies large and small should adopt a more complete approach when defining their brand. Since consumers form more of an emotional […]