Future Cities Canada Summit 2019 – Five Takeaways

Nov 18, 2019

Jackpine had the opportunity to attend the Future Cities Canada Summit 2019 in Toronto earlier this month. The two-day event brought together city-builders from around the world to discuss open smart cities and community-focused approaches to placemaking. Gabriella Gomez-Mont, founder of Laboratorio para la Ciudad, spoke in her keynote about engaging people through provocations, starting […]

A race to the bottom: The Kraft Heinz Story

Aug 8, 2019

Companies that don’t do the hard work of innovating, creating, and building with purpose get left behind. Those that focus on cost cutting, and mergers for market share will ultimately lose. That is exactly what’s happened (is happening) to Kraft Heinz. Aside from the predictable “premiuim-ification” strategy that Kraft Heinz’s CEO keeps talking about  – the […]

Your brand is defined with or without you

Mar 13, 2018

For maximum impact please click play and continue reading this hot take on corporate identity and branding. Simply put corporate identity is how a company wants to be seen and a brand is how they’re actually perceived. So to change a brand a corporation must be willing to actually, and literally change itself. To engage a […]

Ontario Cannabis Store Corporate Identity & Branding

Mar 12, 2018

On March 8th the LCBO announced that “Ontario Cannabis Store” would be the name of Ontario’s new cannabis agency including its online and physical store locations. Along with the name, was a first look at the visual elements of this new corporate identity. I’ve been apart of two major Cannabis branding projects at Jackpine Dynamic Branding (developed […]

Ottawa Senators brand under fire.

Mar 2, 2018

I spoke with the CBC earlier today about the branding challenge that Eugene Melnyk has created for the Ottawa Senators brand. Click here to see CBC story. — Eugene Melnyk has jeopardized his Ottawa Senators brand. It is salvageable, but he needs to act now. His top priority should be to re-establish trust with fans.  […]