“Finally, the electoral western
you didn't know you were waiting for.”

It’s election season and after ten years in power the Governor has turned a once proud western town into a bunch of unwelcoming, coal-hocking, river poopers, and the people have only just now realized it. The stories of True Writ should sound familiar to most Canadians. If you agree with the townsfolk be sure to share your favourite clips in the lead up to the election using #TrueWrit.



It's election season and between the horse poop in the water, the frequent bandit attacks, the removal of the welcome sign and war hero Joe Van Yukon's faulty wooden leg, it seems as though the Governor has a lot to answer for at the ballot box ... if only the people of the town could find it.

Original Music

The soundtrack for True Writ features original compositions by members of the Jackpine and Postman’s Tale team. All songs were composed by Shawn Boyle performed by Shawn Boyle, Neil Smith, Beccy Murphy, JF Beauchamp, Jasmine Lee and Liam Mooney. The soundtrack was recorded by Dean Watson at Gallery Recording Studio in Ottawa, ON.

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Postman’s Tale Productions is a group of actors, writers, musicians and people who generally like to work on projects without sleep. Founded and financed by Ottawa based creative firm Jackpine to make a short film for a 72-hour film challenge in the winter of 2013, Postman’s Tale has since added many members, made several short films and soundtracks. Postman’s Tale’s films generally involve characters navigating outrageous situations with deadpan sincerity.